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Edgevana partners with high growth blockchain platforms, helping them overcome their most difficult challenge—uncompromising scalability.


Why Edgevana

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Edgevana was selected by The Solana Foundation, to provide validator-ready servers for the world's fastest growing blockchain platform

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Bring on your tokens, NFTs and Metaverses. We’ve got the horsepower, security and scalability of tens of thousands of data center, colocation, and edge facilities to help you reach massive scale:

Bare Metal

Choose between the server classes recommended by the specific blockchain platform.


Users, peers and delegators are global, but the shortest distance between you and them is still a straight line.

Select Components

Edgevana is strategically partnered with market leading OEMs like Intel and AMD. Prospective node operators can select from a variety of component options to suit their needs.

Smooth Customer Process

Crazy fast, responsive, efficient hardware and market leading robust data centers are just the beginning. Cost effective month-to-month contracts give node operators the latitude to scale up, scale out, scale down, or opt-out.

Teamwork is Dreamwork

Securing your stake in a crypto network is a risky business. Don't let technology get in the way of your rewards. Edgevana provides high performance computing, secure world class data centers, and a simple monthly contract. Top it off with industry leading customer service available 7X24X365.

Modular & Fit-for-Purpose

Building trust with peers and attracting delegators means proving your reliability and resilience. With pre-configured servers, and robust secure data centers, the value of your investment is maximized.

Tie it All Together

Our monitoring and management platforms allow customers to view the performance, delivery, and availability of the dedicated bare metal infrastructure through a seamless dashboard.

Introducing QuickRamp™ from Edgevana


The fast-track node operator onboarding solution for hyper-growth blockchain networks. Make node operator backlogs a thing of the past with a simple, two-step process that takes the start-up burden off operators while helping you build trust in your network.

Cost Effective

Streamline your process with cost effective, preconfigured, high performance servers and dramatically reduce the risk of node downtime with our highly secure, enterprise class data center facilities at tens of thousands of locations worldwide.

Network Performance

Designed to meet your goals for optimal transaction speed and network performance, our solutions help you align your desired locations or geographies without compromising decentralization.

Edgevana brings the speed, scale, and security Web3 businesses need to achieve their goals for mass adoption.

Edgevana is excited to support the Solana Foundation server program

Get immediate access to provision-ready servers in 32 globally distributed locations

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Gain insight to Edgevana’s collaboration efforts with Filecoin

A demand generation initiative to support the growth of Filecoin’s ecosystem while lowering the barrier to entry for Filecoin SPs

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The Edgevana Experience

Arun Dass


Getting a server setup with Edgevana was a breeze and the support you get from the team is unmatched. We have been super impressed with the overall product from Edgevana!


Billy Jacoby

My experience with getting my node up and running using Edgevana was much simpler than I expected it would be. In less than an hour I had my validator caught up and validating to the rest of the network. And when I did run into issues the support experience was top notch and helped me with all of the issues I did face.

Jim Walker


We chose to partner with Edgevana as we were impressed with their response time to questions and rapid availability to fix any issues as we onboarded our nodes to the Solana network.

Kosuke Saito


It’s easy for us to launch validators thanks to Edgevana’s reliable hardware and network optimized for Solana Validators. We are satisfied with the services, cost and contract conditions, but the most amazing thing for us is the support center. Their response is quick, accurate, and polite. We recommend Edgevana.

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