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QuickRamp for Blockchain Protocols

Learn how QuickRamp for blockchain protocols helps leading platforms like Solana ensure highly distributed, high performance, censorship resistant, and secure node networks.

Take the pain out of node operator onboarding

Nodes are the life blood of blockchain platforms, but becoming an operator is no easy task. It’s a complex, time consuming process that could stymie even the most tech savvy consumer. That is, until now.


Edgevana provides a unique done-for-you (DFY) solution that takes the complexity and time out of node operator onboarding. Combining pre-configured, best in class server hardware, with highly secure, data center facilities and a simple month-to-month contract lets node operators be ready within hours, not weeks.
Making the switch from DIY validator onboarding to DFY offers blockchain platforms the advantages of traditional, large scale centralized systems without compromising decentralization, or network security models. With tens of thousands fit-for-purpose data center, colocation, and edge facilities to choose from, bring validators aboard anytime, anywhere


Select and optimize best in class server hardware from market leading Edgevana OEM partners such as Dell, Lenovo, SuperMicro, Intel and AMD


Pre-position protocol-ready compute and storage in Edgevana's highly secure data center and edge facilities. Designate one, or one thousand locations as micro hubs, or create high density macro hubs at any one of our tens of thousands locations worldwide. Distribute nodes as diversely as possible to ensure highly distributed, high performance censorship resistant, and secure node networks


Edgevana partners with customers to ensure our blockchain infrastructure is always operator-ready. Just as hardware can be benchmarked and optimized for speed, performance, and scalability, pre-configuration assures complex scripts and configurations are properly loaded, tested and quality assured. Quickramp from Edgevana helps you remove complexity and achieve the scale you need for mainstream adoption, faster and at lower cost

Our Process

Edgevana understands that every decentralized blockchain network is different. We partner with your team to understand the needs of the network and the needs of your target validator, RPC operator, or miner audiences. Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It comes from 150 years of combined experience in building and deploying global infrastructure and data centers for some of the largest institutions in the world.

1. Plan

Step 1

We analyze the buyer’s journey that your target audience of node operators take as they consider investing in your network. We do a technical evaluation of your hardware recommendations. At the end of the process, you will have a blueprint for your project, and a comprehensive strategic plan for improving the onboarding process, from suggested equipment and supporting software tools, to pricing.

2. Design

Step 2

Once the Blueprint is approved, we begin testing suggested equipment to benchmark the hardware performance and ensure the final design meets the requirements. We engineer a design for your review which will include details of hardware, network, and supporting software, as well as any integration points and methods. This process involves various reviews, approvals, and close communication between you and our engineering team.

3. Develop

Step 3

Once the design is approved, we begin building and testing the solution, keeping you abreast of the progress. In most cases, development involves not only hardware and network, but also supporting software.

4. Deploy

Step 4

After final testing and review, we work with you to target the key growth areas by location with the goal to provide the most diverse distribution of nodes.

QuickRamp for Node Operators

Make DIY node set-up a thing of the past. No more hardware headaches or wrestling with configuration scripts. Just a budget friendly two-step process that brings you the high performance computing you want, anywhere, anytime.

Node Operator Ready

Edgevana helps independent node operators get up and running in just a few hours from the time an order is placed. Simply select a blockchain you want to participate in, select the hardware configuration that suits your budget and an available location. Edgevana blockchain infrastructure as a service means node operators pay on a month-to-month contract that offers them the flexibility to start small and scale up, or move from one available location to another. Our QuickRamp automation takes the on-boarding burden off both the platform and operator's shoulders with a streamlined process, cost effective product offering and as a service business model

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