Episode 32: Mark Imbriaco

Episode 32: Mark Imbriaco

The Future of Gaming and Platforms with Epic Games Mark Imbriaco

How does Epic Games provide a platform for games like Fortnite to be played worldwide? How are databases and platforms revolutionizing the gaming industry? Join Mark Thiele and special guest, Mark Imbriaco from Epic Games to discuss how platforms are able to keep millions of people connected across the world via games.
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Mark Imbriaco

Mark Imbriaco has done everything from scaling and systems operations to starting his own company. His focus has been on an emerging part of technology: DevOps and site reliability engineering. He often leads scaling (for sites and applications) and builds teams that manage those sites. Mark has held positions at AOL, Bank of America, Github, Basecamp, Heroku, DigitalOcean and now Epic Games.</span><span class='line-break'>Mark Imbriaco and his team are responsible for providing the servers for Fortnite and other Epic Cames played by millions of people world wide.</span>

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Episode 32: Mark Imbriaco



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