Episode 31: Alex Kehaya

Episode 31: Alex Kehaya

Solana Foundation's Alex Kehaya on the value of Web3 and future of Crypto

Alex Kehaya from the Solana Foundation joins Mark to discuss the value and consequences of Web3, decentralized data centers, and the future of Crypto.
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Alex Kehaya

Alex Kehaya is the founder of Holaplex, an entrepreneur, educator, and investor. Currently working in the blockchain space, Alex is interested in connecting with anyone who is looking to learn more about this new technology or who is building new use cases for blockchain.<span class='line-break'>He's spent the past several years working as a consultant and entrepreneur with Fortune 500's and startups to accelerate the development of new software products and go-to-market strategies.</span><span class='line-break'>His work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FastCompany, Product Hunt, Pando.com, and several large Medium publications.</span>

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Episode 31: Alex Kehaya



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