Episode 25: The Demand for Sustainable Business Models

Customers today want to see how modern businesses are committed to reducing carbon footprint. Mark and Kevin discuss sustainability on data centers, how the need for green has evolved, and the future we hope to see in technology.

The Edgevana Podcast · Episode 25: The Demand for Sustainable Business Models

Kevin Kent

Kevin Kent, Founder & CEO of Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions, continues to be recognized throughout the United States and internationally as a leader in data center optimization, sustainability, and energy efficiency. He has an affiliation with several United States environmental foundations and is a Climate Reality Leader. For his commitment to improve global data center energy efficiency, decrease carbon footprint, and protect our environment, both nationally and internationally, Kevin was selected to serve on the international Data Center Institute Board of Directors, where he continues his focus on improving energy efficiency. Kevin is a global trainer for DCPro providing critical training and certification for the data center industry. In 2020 Kevin was recognized and awarded as a global Top 100 Tech Innovator and Influencer as well as the London Edge Conference Innovator Of The Year. In 2020 Kevin was invited to be a keynote speaker at many virtual conferences in the United States and internationally including an invitation to present at the United Nations data center. His purpose in speaking is to create greater awareness of our climate emergency, global data center energy consumption, and provide education on how to achieve data center energy efficiency without sacrificing overall health or reliability of the facility. He will continue his global travels, creating awareness and providing education, throughout 2021.

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