Episode 24: The 5G Trend: Hype vs Reality

Esteemed author and keynote speaker Joe Weinman joins the conversation with Mark as they navigate through the topic of 5G, its relationship with edge, use cases and the need for digital transformation.

The Edgevana Podcast · Episode 24: The 5G Trend - Hype vs Reality

Joe Weinman

Joe Weinman is a frequent global keynote speaker and noted authority on cloud computing economics and the business value of IT. He has spoken at well over 100 events on 6 continents. He is the author of Cloudonomics (Wiley, 2012), available in English and 2 Chinese editions, and Digital Disciplines (Wiley CIO, 2015) also available in Chinese. He is also a contributor to Regulating the Cloud (MIT Press, 2015) and the Cloud Economics editor for IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine. Joe is currently a member of several technology advisory boards, conducts expert network consulting for financial institutions, is chair of the IEEE Intercloud Testbed executive committee, and is an analyst for GigaOm Research.

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