Episode 23: Realistic Sustainability

Sustainability is more important than ever and too many solutions are better on paper than in practice. Mark is joined by Tony Grayson to discuss some of today's eco-problems, how the industry can leave a better, greener footprint, things to consider and sustainability at the edge.

The Edgevana Podcast · Episode 23: Realistic Sustainability

Tony Grayson

Tony Grayson is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of technology and leadership experience. He has a superb understanding of the cloud, edge, networking, commercial power, sustainability, and the data center industry to include global strategy, capacity, financial management, program/project/product management, engineering, software, telecommunications, and operations. Tony has led multiple programs, projects, engineering, software, and operations teams at Facebook, AWS, and Oracle. Led the Go to Market strategy and fundamentally changed how Oracle builds and deployed their cloud while managing a $1.3B+ budget, saving $186M+, and shortening time to market by 78%. Developed several new products to include Oracle’s Dedicated Region which led to multiple $100M deals.

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