Episode 22: Transformation & The Journey into Tech

Get to know how Mark and Joe got into tech, how to differentiate yourself in the career field and why it's so important to recognize who you are on your unique job journey.

The Edgevana Podcast · Episode 22: Transformation & The Journey into Tech

Joe Onisick

Joe Onisick is an established Information Technology veteran that is helping to shape the mindset of the industry. Joe has extensive experience in creating go-to-market strategies for new products and technologies going back a decade. Technologies that have enabled organizations to embrace IT as a strategic business catalyst. Joe is redefining the approach to the fusion of technology and business: what works; what doesn’t, and pitfalls to avoid. With his extensive channels background, he sees the power of teaming among vendors, VARs, and customers. Joe’s passion is to take innovative technologies from concept through early adoption to broad acceptance. He believes that helping customers move from viewing technology as a cost to embracing it as a business driver leads to successful, long-term transformation and profitability.

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