Episode 15: The Digital Wallet Experience

Mike and Mark join together to talk about today's trends on cryptocurrency investment, market acceleration, and the social etiquette behind Clubhouse and other social media apps.

The Edgevana Podcast · Episode 15: The Digital Wallet Experience

Mike Kail

Mike is an seasoned C-Level Executive with 25+ years of experience in helping companies scale, undergo digital transformation, and create high-performing, cohesive cultures. He has held CIO and VP level positions at both Yahoo! and Netflix and is currently CTO of Everest.org, a Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain innovator. Mike has been widely recognized for his insightful industry commentary on social media and was recently named by the Huffington Post as one of the “Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter.” He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Iowa State University and also serves on several Advisory Boards.

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