Episode 10: Today’s Data Center Transformations

Data center expert and Global Head, Rick Collins joins Mark to talk about the changes in today's data center infrastructure, global footprint, and future.

The Edgevana Podcast · Episode 10: Today's Data Center Transformations

Rick Collins

Rick Collins is Global Head of Data Center Services for AIG and manages over 200 data center sites and locations globally. Rick carries decades of experience in IT transformation and data center infrastructure. He has experience in managing data center people, sites, data center facilities and technology across several industries. Rick has been successful in developing strategic and operational plans, establishing and operating data centers, directing budgeting, mergers and acquisitions. Rick is an expert in designing application migration plans, BCPs, project management, transition and relocation management, data center operations, planning, etc. He has a proven ability to solve problems and make decisive cost effective decisions that impact the bottom line. Experience being and working with C-level executives across all markets to negotiate contracts, close deals and win the confidence and support at all levels of the organization.

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