Creating Web3 with Taubyte

How are databases structured in Web3? Why is it so expensive to upload images to the blockchain? How is Taubyte helping developers building in web3? Join Mark Thiele and Taubyte Founder, Samy Fodil to discuss how they are building development tools in the web3 space.

The Edgevana Podcast · Creating Web3 with Taubyte

Samy Fodil

A serial entrepreneur with close to two decades of experience in software engineering, DevOps, embedded systems, and IoT/IIoT. Samy Fodil is the Founder & CEO of Taubyte, a Texas startup whose mission is to provide enterprises with the simplest path to build, run, and scale Edge-native Applications. Samy also holds both an Engineering Degree in Computer Science & Industrial Systems and a MScR in Computer Networks & Systems.

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