• Blockchain Platform: Solana, Filecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Avalanche, Bitgert, Tezos, and many others
  • Node or Blockchain Node: validator, RPC Node, SP, Storage Provider, Beacon Node, Validator Client, Cardano Node, etc
  • Blockchain Consumer: Users of Cryptocurrency, DeFi, DAO, dApp
  • Validator: Processes transactions on the Solana network, participates in consensus, and adds blocks to the chain
  • RPC Node: Acts as a gateway between Solana clients and Validators. Often run in a cluster for reliability and scalability
  • SP: A storage provider in the Filecoin network, in charge of storing, providing content, and issuing new blocks
  • Beacon Node: primary link that forms the Ethereum Eth 2.0 blockchain. It coordinates with Ethereum validators and adds blocks to the chain
  • Validator Client: in Ethereum 2.0, it is similar to the Eth 1.0 miner node and connects and coordinates with a trusted Beacon Node
  • Cardano Nodes: process transactions on the Cardano network, participate in consensus, and add blocks to the chain
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