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Get access to SP-ready servers with short-term contracts.

This program gives current SPs (Storage Providers) or individuals wanting to become SPs access to hardware usually reserved for larger organizations.

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About this Program

Reliable power, network, and secure servers are key components to Filecoin’s SP ecosystem. However, getting access to tested, verified, cost-effective and secure servers can sometimes be difficult for Filecoin SPs. In order to support the Filecoin community, and help with the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem, The Filecoin Foundation has advocated on behalf of the SP community in collaboration with Edgevana to offer servers to the Filecoin SP ecosystem for lease with flexible, short-term contracts with unmatched reliability, distribution, and pricing.

This program is designed to foster sustainable growth in the Filecoin SP community and further decentralize the Filecoin network.

Storage Systems Purpose-Built for Filecoin

Filecoin Storage Provider Ready

Delivering a robust storage solution—billable monthly—for building capital-intensive storage infrastructure with lower upfront costs.

Maximize Cash Flow

Storage Systems Leasing delivers Filecoin Storage Providers a cost-effective solution that frees up capital to increase agility and scale operations.

How does the process work?


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Sign up for the program and join the waiting list.
We will allocate servers on a first come first serve basis.



Our team will be in touch to take you through KYC.



Once approved by Filecoin, we’ll let you know the timeline and provide more information on when the server program will be active.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Join the Filecoin / Edgevana Server Program waiting list. Have questions? Email filecoin@edgevana.com

Who is Edgevana?

Edgevana is a Data Center, Edge and Infrastructure provider selected by Filecoin to drive demand and deploy provision-ready servers for the Filecoin SP community.

What are the hardware specs?

12 servers per cabinet

Server 1 = 4 per cabinet

Server 2 = 8 per cabinet

Server One

Dual AMD EPYC Processor Server

Processor | 2 X AMD EPYC™ 7543 32C 3.7Ghz Boost Clock (4 Cores per CCX for Multicore SDR)

Memory | 32 X 64GB DDR4 3200MHZ (Total 2,304GB)

Boot SSD | 2 X 480GB SATA 6G SFF SC PM883 SSD

NVME | 4 X 6.4TB NVMe Gen4 SFF SC U.3 PM1735 SSD

Network | 2 X AOC-S25G-M2S dual 25Gb SFP28

Server Two

Dual Intel Processor Server

Processor | 2 X Intel Xeon Silver 4215R 8C 4Ghz Boost Clock

Memory | 16 X 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ ECC REG (Total 512GB)

Boot SSD | 2 X 480 GB SATA 6G SFF SC PM883 SSD

NVME | 2 X 6.4TB NVMe Gen4 SFF SC U.3 PM1735 SSD

Network | 2 X AOC-S25G-M2S dual 25Gb SFP28

Graphics Card/GPU | 1 X Nvidia RTX A5000 24GB GDDR6 PCI Express, Gen 4 x 16

What data center locations are you looking to offer?

This depends on the community feedback and Filecoin’s analysis on where more SPs are needed. Please be sure to mention your preferred data center location when filling out the waiting list form.

How long will it take to get access to a server?

Once the systems are deployed, it should only take minutes for you to purchase a server. It might take up to two hours before it is deployed and fully operational.

Are there commitments?

This special infrastructure and pricing are available with a minimum commitment of 6 months, renewed automatically.

Do you accept Filecoin?

Yes! You can pay 100% of the service fee with Filecoin!

How much sealing performance is expected with this configuration?

This configuration supports up till 28TiB/s a day based on existing Filecoin SP testing results.

Can I lease/purchase servers from Edgevana outside of the Filecoin server program?

Absolutely. Email us filecoin@edgevana.com

If I need help with finding data centers and network services can Edgevana help?

Absolutely. Email us filecoin@edgevana.com

Additional Services Exclusive for Filecoin SP’s:

Contact filecoin@edgevana.com to learn more.

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