Edgevana’s vision to sustainability and commitment to our community

  • August 11, 2020
  • Edgevana

Edgevana’s vision to sustainability and commitment to our community:

Tackle Climate Change by accelerating global Edgevana members community progress towards a carbon neutral future.

Our corporate goal is to provide clean energy colocation offerings from our members community for our global sustainability data center buyers.  “We strive to become an ever more sustainable company by maximizing the positive impact we have for investors, employees, shareholders and on all our stakeholder groups while minimizing our negative impact throughout the value chain.” said Mark Thiele, co-founder and CEO, Edgevana, “’We seek to be characterized by our passion, ethnics, integrity, entrepreneurialism and innovative spirit, as we fulfil our vision to deliver triple bottom line.”

It is an integrated plan to achieve our commitment:

  1. As global Data Center buyers increase its environmental $Billions pledges on clean energy

investment and its transition to carbon free energy consumption to reach its carbon reduction goals. Edgevana creates a Green Nation community of colocation providers to support clean energy data center procurement.

  1. Edgevana aligns with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The design of Edgevana platform product is friendly to the environment with waste efficiency and people can have a perpetual life of use to ensure we can scale our community growth when needed and tackle Climate Change. We support  UN SDG goals #7, #9, #11, #12, #13

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting is provided by Edgevana Green Nation colocation providers to achieve transparency of green house gas (GHG) emission standards for our Clean Energy buyers.
  2. Edgevana Nation provides attractive economic returns, low to zero carbon emission, waste efficiency of environmental resources. We ensure all stakeholders, investors, employees, customers, suppliers are respected and no harm to environmental resource and promote human welfare.

Edgevana has an in-house Sustainability resident, Susanna Kass who is passionate in Climate Change. She is a member of Climate 50, the world topmost influencer leading the journey towards a reduced carbon footprint to tackle Climate Change. She is experienced in UN SDG goals as a data center advisor.  She shall support Edgevana Data Center buyers on their carbon free commitment for a more sustainable future. She can provide clean energy technical design, and strategic advisory service to Edgevana Green Nation colocation providers.

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