Edgevana Unveiled – A soft Launch of a Huge Idea

Edgevana Unveiled – A soft Launch of a Huge Idea

August 11, 2020

Edgevana Unveiled – A soft Launch of a Huge Idea

Edgevana Brings Choice, Simplification, Efficiency, Sustainability and Innovation to the Way Global Infrastructure is Procured and Deployed

As a buyer of data center services there are a number of things that are undeniable about buy & deploying in the data center or colocation industry; It’s time consuming, complex, not standardized and hasn’t really changed significantly since the late 90s. Using Edgevana puts you back in control. You’ll have the ability to benefit from those services you expect from a large single provider, while enjoying greater flexibility of options, services, locations, and price. You now have the ability to look at supply in one city, ten cities, or ten countries, perform your due diligence and close a deal with one contract and one bill without concern for how many underlying suppliers there are. Edgevana relieves the customer of the burdensome task of attempting to identify the best option among a long list of options by unifying access to colocation providers from across the globe. 

The scale and geo diversity of partners in the Edgevana Community means that you will have access to services and solutions that are unavailable in most data centers. Through the greater whole of the community we will be able to introduce services like “Edge Design & Deployment” or “Renewable & Sustainable energy” and “Net Zero” projects. Service and product offerings will gain in variety and price through dramatically improved economies of scale and we will deliver that value to you. Whether your need is power, space & cooling, bandwidth, smart hands, hardware acquisition, stack design, cloud connects, lifecycle management, global logistics or Corporate Sustainability relief, Edgevana’s data center community will have the scale to help. 

“I couldn’t be more satisfied with how Edgevana is coming together and how supportive the supplier and buyer communities have been for this little idea. Bringing new value to the existing supplier community, while improving options for customers is a true win/win” – Mark Thiele CEO & Founder Edgevana

“The idea behind Edgevana seems so obvious in retrospect. In my decade of supporting enterprises on their data center journeys the issues were always the same, time-to-value was too long, and the process too complex. I’m excited to be a part of helping to fix these long standing industry issues.” – Subhan Jahromi COO & Co-Founder

“I’ve seen a wide range of “new ideas” come to market over the last 10 years and what Edgevana is doing has the most promise of any of them, I’m thrilled with being a part of this company.” – Peter Gross, Edgevana Board Member

The Full Edgevana platform is under development, with expected launch in Q1 2021. In the meantime our website will give you plenty of options to choose from and we will help you behind the scenes manually, until our platform is ready. 

Please stop in and let us know your thoughts: www.edgevana.com

Edgevana was founded in October 2018 by Mark Thiele and Subhan Jahromi. Mark is a globally recognized voice in the data center, cloud, and edge space, with 30 plus years of experience in building and delivering IT and data center solutions. Subhan has over 10 years experience building channels and relationships across the entire IT vertical. 

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Edgevana Unveiled – A soft Launch of a Huge Idea



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