Edgevana to speak at Edge Computer World

Edgevana to speak at Edge Computer World

October 6, 2020

Edgevana to speak at Edge Computer World

Edgevana is pleased to announce that Founder and CEO Mark Thiele will be speaking at Edge Computing World on October 13th, 2020. 

Edge Computing World is the premiere event for the Edge Computing space and runs from October 12th – 15th. This virtual experience will allow many more attendees to join from around the world to learn from Edge industry leaders and end users. Presentations and case studies will cover retail edge, automobile edge, industrial edge, telco edge, application management, and edge AI. 

Edgevana CEO, Mark Thiele  will be speaking about “New Models for Consuming Compute at the Edge” at 2:30PM during the Edge Developers Conference. 

“Edge is still poorly defined, and one of the key reasons for the difficulty in accepting a definition is most of us struggle to extract the value we can bring to the table. How the edge will be consumed has a similar struggle. How can you define a consumption model for an environment that isn’t clearly defined? I will shed light on where Edge is already driving value and highlight a few of the unique ways companies are building and buying at the Edge.” 

About Mark Thiele:  Mark Thiele is the CEO and Founder of Edgevana, a startup providing IT services to the buy side and sell side of IT services for Data Center, ICT and Cloud. Thiele has over 30 years experience in IT executive roles at HP, Gilead, VMware, Brocade, Switch, Apcera, and Ericsson. Thiele built the first internal web development team at HP in the 90s. Under his management, the Gilead infrastructure team developed, deployed and operated the infrastructure during a four year period of 10X revenue growth. At VMware he created the M&A team, developed asset management and data center strategy, design and build groups. Thiele is an industry spokesperson on trends of modernization and efficiency for data centers. He is also an expert in virtualization, cloud technologies and IT adoption strategies. Thiele is the Chairman for the IDC-A.org technical committee, co-founder of Data Center Pulse, past technical contributor to The Green Grid, and IBM Cloud Minds. He is an advisor and board member to several technology startups.

For more information, visit: New Models for Consuming Compute at the Edge

For the full agenda and more information, visit: Edge Computing World Agenda

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Edgevana to speak at Edge Computer World



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