Edgevana begins it’s hiring spree with Brian Atwood as VP of Customer Success

  • April 21, 2021
  • Edgevana

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, April 20, 2020 — Edgevana, an intuitive online B2B marketplace platform that facilitates optimized transactions between data center operators, co-location providers, network providers, and end-user customers has started it’s hiring spree starting with a highly experienced Customer Success executive, Brian Atwood. 

Atwood brings decades of IT, customer success and start-up experience from HP, Veritas Software, EMC, Solecular and others. 

In regards to joining Edgevana, Atwood stated “I’m really excited to join the great team at Edgevana.  Having worked with some of them for years now, I know their commitment to helping people.  I have worked my whole career in helping customers, and I’m grateful to be so aligned with the team and the innovative business model here at Edgevana.  Our business is built on helping people, businesses, and the world, and I look forward to doing my part in all of those areas.”

Mark Thiele, Edgevana Co-Founder & CEO stated “Having Brian Atwood join the Edgevana team is a big step forward for us. Many of us on the team have known and or been working with Brian for several years already, so bringing him on was an obvious opportunity. Edgevana will be leading with customer experience, from the employee to the buyer and our partners. Brian is just the person to help ensure we set the highest standards and maintain them”.

“As Edgevana looks to start it’s hiring spree to kick off our go to market strategies, we’re looking for rockstars in sales, engineering, business development and many other departments and the announcement of Brian Atwood being one of Edgevana’s first hires will serve as a foundation of the quality of candidates we’re looking for”, Thiele continued.

If you’re interested in applying for a position, please send your resume to:  careers@edgevana.com 

About Edgevana

Edgevana is an intuitive online B2B marketplace platform that facilitates optimized transactions between data center operators, colocation providers, network providers, and end-user customers. Founders Mark Thiele and Subhan Jahromi launched Edgevana in 2019 with the express intent of disrupting the existing processes for selling and buying colocation and data center services. Edgevana’s member data centers are the backbone of IT delivery globally. Individually they represent a city, region, or country, but as a global resource, they are often invisible to the modern buyer. Federating the access to these facilities and delivering competitive differentiation in new, more cost-effective services enables Edgevana to make each location part of a greater whole, delivering value to the owner and global buyers. For our customers who might need a global partner in the data center space, whether for transformation, market-entry, or edge computing, Edgevana is making adaptations daily to improve the identification, contracting, procurement, and deployment easier. To learn more about Edgevana, please visit www.edgevana.com

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