Edgevana Announces The Launch of QuickRamp™

  • April 19, 2022
  • Edegvana

New solution brings speed, security, and limitless scale to the onboarding of validator crowd communities and moves blockchains closer to mass adoption goals

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 19, 2022 - Edgevana, the leader in powering the Web3 world today announced the availability of QuickRamp™, the fastest, most cost-effective way for decentralized, and peer-to-peer networks to onboard the validator crowd communities they rely on for transaction processing, network operations and security. A first of its kind product, QuickRamp™ provides community members with a stress-free path to operating a blockchain node (validator) or storage node. The solution also gives hyper-growth blockchain platform operators assurance that its network nodes are well provisioned, properly configured, and can be rapidly deployed on a global scale anytime, anywhere.

“Working with Web3 companies has shown us that whether it’s selecting and provisioning hardware or configuring the infrastructure, node setup can be a daunting and expensive task even for the tech savvy. By reducing time, complexity, and cost, we’ve shown we can make becoming a node operator far more attractive,” said Mark Thiele, Co-Founder & CEO of Edgevana. “The effort to build a globally distributed network of data centers and nodes can require interaction with dozens of vendors. We provide high-growth blockchain networks availability to node resources faster and more efficiently, without compromising security or decentralization, wherever and whenever they are needed. Our goal for QuickRamp™ is to deliver more value, faster and at lower cost while strengthening node operator communities and blockchain ecosystems.”

Wrapped in an affordable, flexible monthly subscription plan, QuickRamp™ customers can be up and running in hours, anywhere, anytime. Edgevana will soon make it possible for blockchain providers and validators to pay for QuickRamp™ and other services using crypto.

Edgevana’s QuickRamp™ shows the value and the power of edge computing in the Web3 world. Whether it’s a content delivery network, an enterprise supply chain, or a blockchain platform, companies are looking for ways to bring customers as close as possible. As a no code, no latency, no backhaul, and no space between you and your customers solution, QuickRamp™ meets those needs and, in the process makes the word remote, somewhat redundant. Edgevana not only deploys complex edge solutions globally, the team builds platforms and technology that seamlessly modernize the lifecycle of transaction processing, network operations, security, and performance evaluation.

The key decentralization feature of Web 3.0 with Blockchain integration spurred up the development of many advanced platforms. Moreover, the Blockchain’s global market is predicted to reach $69.04B (market size) by 2027.

About Edgevana

Edgevana aims to be the market leader in “Blockchain Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services”. The company helps meet the speed, scale, security and resilience needs of the world’s fastest growing blockchain protocol operators, NFT providers and enterprises adopting decentralized ledger technologies. With more than tens of thousands of robust, highly secure, data center and colocation facilities worldwide, Edgevana makes adopting edge computing easy for rapidly emerging Web3 companies. In addition to its extensive network of data centers. Edgevana builds platforms and technology that modernizes the lifecycle of transaction processing, network operations, security, and performance evaluation.

The company was founded by Mark Thiele and Subhan Jahromi in 2019 with the express purpose of simplifying and accelerating the selection, provisioning and deployment of data center, co-location, and edge computing facilities. For more information visit www.edgevana.com.

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Kate Larkin


Michael Volpatt


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