Solana Simplifying

Validator Onboarding

For hyper-growth Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks like Solana, a shortage of validators, a bottleneck in the onboarding process, or lack of geographic diversity can cause system wide challenges. These include but are not limited to:

  • Limiting the volume of transactions that can be processed at any given time
  • Transaction processing speed
  • Heightened security concerns
  • Increased risk of censorship
  • Stake value
  • Network availability risks

Taken together these become a barrier to achieving the scale and efficiency needed for mainstream consumer adoption.



Recognizing that every blockchain platform has a unique consensus protocol, Edgevana's engineers collaborated with the Solana team to thoroughly understand the nuances of its unique consensus model from a validator's perspective. In the process we found four areas for improvement:


Create a QuickRamp program that takes the complexity and time out of validator onboarding. Consisting of hardware, software, and services, the on-ramp would include:


Client: Solana Foundation

Edgevana is excited to support the Solana Foundation server program. Get immediate access to provision-ready servers in 32 globally distributed locations.

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